Dr. Kimberly Walpert at Athens Brain & Spine has collaborated with Dr. Gordon Schoenfeld at University Cancer and Blood Center to provide the Athens and northeast Georgia community with the only radiosurgery program in the area. Utilizing the BrainLab Varian system, brain and spine tumors are treated with surgical precision with high dose radiation, utilizing the most advanced live imaging techniques and robotic technology to treat cancer and avoid damaging normal tissues. More intense doses of radiation are delivered directly to the rapidly growing tumor cells, allowing us to be more effective at controlling them. Side effects from damage to normal tissue are avoided. The invasive skull frame required by Gamma knife technology is gone, replaced by a custom-fitted mask. Extended treatment times, with weeks of therapy, are often replaced with a single treatment. Patients fight their battle with cancer using the most advanced tools available, with the least impact on their real lives.

Noncancerous conditions such as acoustic neuromas, trigeminal neuralgia are also often amenable to this type of treatment.

Surgical results for many patients without an incision, without a single night in the hospital.

Specialized training and a multidisciplinary team-based approach to caring for our patients means we can bring the best care to our community. The most technically advanced treatment, customized plans formulated by a team of doctors focused on our patients as individuals.

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