Video Testimonials

Jordan Clarke

Derrick Norton | Athens Brain and Spine

I Woke Up And Was Pain Free

Derrick Norton, a former Athens Brain and Spine patient, discusses his treatment and recovery after suffering from a degenerative neck condition. After years of pain and treatments that offered no relief, Mr. Norton finally found Dr. Walpert.
Shuman | Athens Brain and Spine

She’s One Of My Heroes

If you have a tumor in your 50s, 60s or even 70s, many doctors will operate without much question. However, when Dr. Bill Shuman was told that he had a tumor on his spinal cord, his age came into question. An operation of that magnitude on a 90 year old terrified even the greatest surgeons.

Mask | Athens Brain and Spine

Like Talking to Your Best Friend

When Traci Mask found out that she had a softball size tumor pressing against her brain, her most overwhelming fear revolved around her two children. She yearned to watch them grow. Her role as their mother was of utmost importance to her. A tumor was not what she had in mind when thinking about the future of her family. Traci found her way to Dr. Kimberly Walpert.

Corey Fenn Testimonial

I Believe Dr. Walpert was an Angel

Listen to Corey's story as he thanks Dr. Walpert for the impact she's had on him and his family and for saving his life.

Chatham | Athens Brain and Spine

Surgery Changed My Life

Tony Chatham met Dr. Walpert when she operated on his own dad, but little did he know that years later he would be on the operating table. As a dad, being stuck on the couch due to two fractured vertebrae, a ruptured disc, and two herniated discs was not ideal. His only option was to go through surgery, but his experience with Dr. Walpert was well worth it.

Written Testimonials

Dr. Walpert has operated on my back twice, and my last surgery was in December 2012, and I had my six months review. I'm no longer having low back pain. I'm grateful for Dr. Walpert, she is so professional and I will always consider her first if I need any more back surgery. She is the best, that's why I went back to her for my second procedure. May God continue to bless her and her staff.
Cynthia Banks
I was in complete disarray! I couldn't sleep anymore because I had so much pain in my lower back. I was referred to Dr. Walpert through my local MD here in Athens. I can't understand how anyone (in their right mind, that is) could give her a bad review. Before I had the surgery even menial tasks were hard to carry out. After my laminectomy I was immediately aware that the numbness down my legs was gone. My back didn't hurt me at all. When I came out of the anesthesia Dr. Walpert was sitting there right beside me. She was amazing through the entire ordeal. She is a professional in every sense of the word. She is also kind, courteous, and has a charming sense about her. I highly recommend Dr. Kimberly Walpert.
Cody Glynn Patterson
Would recommend this doctor very highly. Had back surgery 7/6/09 and it went extremely well. Treated me with respect & dignity, which is a rare commodity for a very overweight patient to receive. Staff also was respectful.
Finest physician I have ever dealt with. Outstanding diagnosis ability. Superb office visits with patient. Is realistic and does not over promise treatment response.
Carl S. Hoveland
She did surgery on my back and the next day I was walking and have been ever since. Slower at first but faster every day until after a week I was going shopping at major stores and keeping up with others. I had very little pain and found, if I cut the pain medicine down just enough to stop any pain from slowing me down, the exercise I was getting was enough to keep walking more each day. She deserves a big thank you and when no one is looking a big hug.
Bob Murray
Dr. Walpert is, in my opinion, the best of the best. Three hour surgery, fuse c-3 through 3-8. I am now some 7 months after surgery and feel better than I have in ten years! I would highly recommend her to anyone at anytime. I have had eight surgeries in my lifetime and this, by far, was the best experience of my life! I can't say enough about my experience from the most professional and caring person I have ever met.
Charlie McAlexander
Dr. Walpert is an excellent doctor. She did my back surgery in May 2010 and did a perfect job before and after my surgery. At this time, I have reinjured my back and she continues to do a great job. Her staff is very well trained and respectful; I would recommend her to anyone.
Bud McKay
When I knew I needed back surgery, I looked for the best one I could find. I'd given up in Athens and was looking elsewhere when a PA in my neighborhood, who I have tremendous respect for, recommended Dr. Walpert. Then my excellent GP said she would be his first choice before I mentioned her name. I had a colonoscopy a week before my surgery and had to give my history to a bunch of medical professionals, including my upcoming surgery. All asked who was doing it, and all highly praised Dr. Walpert and said she would be their choice. That continued throughout my experience in the hospital when I had the surgery. I've NEVER heard such universal high praise for a doctor, and this was from the people who should know. I'm two days post surgery, and, so far, I couldn't be happier with her performance in all ways. It does take a while to get to see her initially, but do you really want a neurosurgeon who's not busy and is sitting around hoping patients call? Even though I was in a great deal of pain, it was well worth the wait.
Ed Wyrick
Dr. Walpert is outstanding, very caring about her patients. A great doctor and person. Would recommend to friends.